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The Most Popular Reasons "Mini" Pigs Become Abandoned

THANK YOU to Rasta Sanctuary located in British Columbia for posting this informative piece on their Facebook Page!

The Reasons Mini Pigs Become Abandoned

#1. Their so-called "micro mini" pig exceeded their "guaranteed" micro size. Please note that there are no such breeds as tea cup, Juliana or micro mini pigs. The average size of a healthy fully grown potbelly pig is 120-250lbs with some exceeding 300lbs. Potbelly pigs are called mini pigs because when compared to their farm pig cousins who can exceed 1,000lbs they are miniature by comparison.


#2. Pigs are illegal to have as pets in most cities and towns because they're classified as livestock. This is for good reason because pigs are farm animals that don't generally do well in urban environments.


#3. Boredom, depression and aggression. Again, this is generally as a result of living in an understimulating urban environment which more often than not fails to meet their complex mental, emotional and physical needs, especially if living as a lone pig.


#4. Behavioural and aggressive issues due to not being spayed/neutered. It's truly mind boggling just how many people contact us regarding their unruly pet pigs claiming to have "tried everything" and are now desperate to rehome and yet their pet is still fully intact. When I inform them that the simple routine surgery will eliminate the unbalanced hormones and resolve the underlying behavioural issues, most people tell me they don't want to go through the expense and essentially would rather pass their problem onto someone else to deal with.


#5. They're expensive to care for and proper veterinary care is next to impossible to find. Pigs have hooves which require regular trims, (multiple times a year) and the males grow tusks which also need to be maintained. Potbelly pigs fall into the exotic animal category which usually means that exotic vets are required to treat them. Most vets flat out refuse to treat pigs because they're often challenging animals to work with and the ones that do are usually very expensive and tend to lack adequate knowledge and experience. Potbelly pigs are anatomically different from swine pigs and require vastly different surgical techniques and treatments.

Sadly the majority of pet pigs are usually rehomed by their first birthday, or shortly thereafter. Most bounce around from home to home until their babyish cuteness and novelty eventually wears off at which point they generally end up abandoned or dumped in shelters. Please help us stop this cruel cycle by educating your friends and family and encouraging those interested in adoption to visit a Sanctuary, not a breeder to learn THE FACTS about pig guardianship.


PLEASE when looking to have a "mini" pig as a pet, DO YOUR RESEARCH. Please contact CAH or your local animal sanctuary. Go visit. And above all else: ADOPT DON'T SHOP!  

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